On golden pond compare and contrast norman and billy ray jr

Bill Ray Dabney Coleman, gooda dentist, who is accompanied by his filthy-mouthed squirt of an offspring, Bill Ray, Jr. I couldn't remember where the old town road was. That's why I came running back here to you.

Is that what you heard? This funny and moving play tells the story of Norman and Ethel Thayer, who are spending their forty-eighth summer at their tranquil home on Golden Pond in Maine.

On Golden Pond Setting & Symbolism

The sound is handled well, with dialogue sounding clear, if sometimes slightly flat. Nonetheless, On Golden Pond has an oddly static feel to it, both in the overall construction of the film, in the staging of individual scenes, and in the dialogue.

If cinema were rated by how emotionally engaging a film is, this mess would rank high. Norman a bit reluctantly and Ethel agree to keep Billy Jr. It starred Katharine Hepburn as Ethel, and Henry Fonda and Jane Fonda playing what seemed to be a screen version of their own troubled father-daughter relationship.

I'm sure you are. You're gonna get back up on that horse and I'm gonna be right behind you holding on tight and away we're gonna go, go, go.

It feels as sappy as it sounds; more critically, it doesn't feel real, instead seeming like a rather obvious vehicle for showing Norman's changing perspective on life as the film runs its course. James Earl Jones and Leslie Uggams headed the cast.

So you just go ahead and be as We want her to rid herself of the chip on her shoulder, find happiness and move on. Is that what you heard? Life marches by, Chels. You should meet my father. It would not be fair to compare anyone to those two actors however as it is each actors job to make a part their own.

Other than a vague sense of "they didn't relate to each other very well when she was growing up," there's little depth to the relationship; it's simply used as the starting point for the interactions between the characters.

So I could see your pretty face and I could feel safe and that I was still me. You should meet my father. He is close in age to Chelsea, and has always liked her.

The Ethel Thayer character is handling the aging process in an entirely different manner. Your father's still alive?

On Golden Pond Setting & Symbolism

You want to know why I came back so fast? Now what is the bottom line on this illicit sleeping together question? Not one damn tree. Overall, the image quality is very good, with generally natural-looking colors and skin tones, reasonably good contrast even in dimly lit scenes, and an absence of print flaws.

Similarly, the conflict between Norman and his daughter Chelsea is simply assumed. In the end, On Golden Pond may simply be a film that will resonate with particular viewers based on how they feel about the themes that the film touches on.

What are you doing with a dotty old son of a bitch like me? So I could see your pretty face and I could feel safe and that I was still me.Billy Ray: The fourteen-year-old son of Bill Ray, he is a typical California teenager who comes to spend a month with Norman and Ethel on Golden Pond while his father and Chelsea are in Europe.

Bill Ray: Chelsea’s fiancé and Billy’s father, Bill is definitely not the outdoors type. Cantankerous retiree Norman Thayer (Henry Fonda) and his conciliatory wife, Ethel (Katharine Hepburn), spend summers at their New England vacation home on the shores of idyllic Golden Pond.

This year, their adult daughter, Chelsea (Jane Fonda), visits with her new fiancée and his teenage son, Billy (Doug McKeon) on their way to Europe. When playwright Ernest Thompson was growing up, he and his family summered at a lakefront cabin in Maine. That special place was the inspiration for On Golden Pond, his lots extraordinarily.

Aug 22,  · On Golden Pond This is a beautiful movie because of the performances of all the actors involved in it. I love Katherine Hepburn, especially in this one – she (and Betty White) are who I want to emulate in the aging department.

On Golden Pond Synopsis Favorite Theater Button (Doug McKeon) on their way to Europe. After leaving Billy behind to bond with Norman, Chelsea returns, attempting to repair the long-strained relationship with her aging father before it's too late.


Provided by. Aug 22,  · Norman: Is that what you heard? Billy Ray: Yeah. Man, that's really old. Norman: On Golden Pond Movie Cast • Katharine Hepburn as Ethel Thayer • Henry Fonda as Norman Thayer Jr.

• Jane Fonda as Chelsea Thayer Wayne • Doug McKeon as Billy Ray.

On golden pond compare and contrast norman and billy ray jr
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